Editorial Services


  • Internationally Acclaimed Author
  • National Geographic Contributor and NPR Commentator
  • Award-winning writer with numerous publications



  • NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC BOOK TALK           Nonfiction Interviews                                         Weekly Column
  • THE VERY WHITE OF LOVE – Harper Collins – by Simon Worrall  - Fiction / Mystery - Pub Date June 2018
  • The Night Driver – in submission – by Matt Graham (Oliver Stone’s co-writer)  - Mystery/Thriller - 2017
  • UNTITLED – in process – by Dayna Troisi – Memoir / Coach  - 2016
  • CITY OF LIES – Hatchette Book Group - by Ramita Navai  -  Coach – 2014
  • RIVER OF DESIRE – Self Published – by Simon Worrall -  Nonfiction Narrative  - 2010
  • MURPHY’S LAW – a Paramedic on 9/11 – Never completed – by Philip Torrence - Memoir - 2009

Additional consultant work, proposal writing and editing list available upon request.


Vice, Buzzfeed, SELF                                  Personal Essays, Dayna Troisi                        2016-17

Soul Stripper – Series Kensington Books                  Sci/Fi Fantasy, Katana Collins                         2013-present

Time Magazine Online Edition                Online Editor                                    2010

Vanity Fair                                        Asst. Editor to David Friend                2008

New York Times Sunday Magazine            “Across the DMZ” by Mary Chi Kim     Sept. 17 2006

Edge Magazine, UK                             Freelance Writer, Jacob Cholak

Public Radio WXLV-FM                     Lauren Stewart

Public Radio WXLV-FM                     Marshall Dungan                                Fall 2007

Minnesota Literary Journal “Intl Male”       Matt Terrell                                       Summer 2006

The South “Dog Parks in Savannah”       Kristen Bolt                                      May 2006

Atlanta Women and Skirt                      Featured Columnist, Taylor Arnold         August 2006

Nick News with Linda Ellerbee              Assoc. Producer, Colleen Katana            2006-7

Society Collegiate Journalists Awards      Matt Terrell                                       2006-7

Prof. Journalists Excellence Awards       Matt Terrell                                       2007

First place – Radio News & Feature       Matt Terrell                                       2007



  • “Heather Dune is that rare editor who really does make my writing better. She helped me enormously with my last two books. The latest, a love story set in World War Two, is my first venture into fiction and it is fair to say that her editing skills,  ear for dialogue and sense of narrative voice and structure, as well as her patience and sympathetic manner, were a major factor in helping me secure Harper Collins as my publisher. I cannot recommend Heather Dune highly enough.”                                                                                                             Simon Worrall


  • “Heather has been a huge influence in shaping my voice as a writer. She has helped me eliminate flowery language, hone in on human moments and organize my thoughts. She has a gift for giving clear constructive criticism, for thinking up creative exercises and for writing absolutely beautiful prose. Heather knows exactly how to identify problem areas, strengthen a story through details and dialogue, and push writers to their greatest potential. It is not an exaggeration to say I am the successful freelance writer I am today in large part thanks to Heather’s instruction, editing and guidance.”                            –Dayna Troisi