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“One of the most important books of the modern age.”

“a poignant and important act of remembrance.” —Sir Martin Gilbert

“Essential Reading!”    —Time Out, UK
“Difficult to pick up, but it is impossible to put down!” —Ilyon Woo, The Great Divorce

“I couldn’t put  the book down—it brought the whole situation so much more close to me, than I had ever felt before, even after seeing “Schindler’s List” —Anne Clodfelter, NC

“Rena’s Promise is the number one favorite book of all of my students.          —Jill Van Alstyne, Wyoming School System

“Rena’s Promise will change your life.”



New Year’s Eve, 2001. Suffolk County Crimes Scene Detective Devon Halsey and her boyfriend, Homicide Detective Lochwood Brennen, are more interested in their own celebration when they are suddenly thrust into a New Year’s mayhem worse than either could have imagined. What do seasoned detectives do when faced with the complex situation of maintaining a murder crime scene’s integrity where they know both of the victims? They do their jobs.

Nominated for The Lambda Awards-Best Mystery and The Nero Wolfe Award.





The Lesbian and The Womanizer a collection of humorous, naughty essays published in the UK and Australia (Marie Claire, The Guardian, The Daily Mail) and two premiere pieces–only published here on Amazon e-books!







My Summer with Pele

What’s it mean to date the God of Soccer without having the foggiest idea of who he is?

As an eighteen-year-old dancer, Heather Dune Macadam was starving herself at a summer dance intensive when an older man who was teaching at a soccer camp and his players took an active interest in the young dancers on campus. The players were The Cosmos. The older man, Pele.  But what was his last name?

A summer of dance, soccer and innocence between a man at the top of his game and a young woman at the beginning of hers.