Jan 2, 2014 – 30 Years Ago on Jan 2, 1984, Sam Todd had still not returned home…

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Jan 2, 2014 – 30 Years Ago on Jan 2, 1984, Sam Todd had still not returned home…


Where was Sam? The idea that he had slept through the day in some strangers loft began to dissipate. There was still that hope but why hadn’t he called his parents to wish them a Happy New Year? That wasn’t like Sam. It was that phone call home to their parents that I remember. Adam’s face contorting to control his emotions, while also telling his folks that his older brother had disappeared. Making sure they had our phone number in NYC in case he showed up in Connecticut. We were supposed to start work again after the holiday, so most of us made our way to our jobs. I had Friday off and hoped Sam would be back by then, but promised to help search when I got home that night.

Adam and Eric made flyers. The first ones. Adam and Sam’s brother showed up while I was working at a Pilates Studio. One of our clients, Stephanie Saland, had broken her foot in The Nutcracker Suite.4207780192_276bc0e380

I got home after dark and headed out to the street with flyers telling Sam to call us and showing a picture of him or describing him to strangers. Everyone at the loft was upset because the police wouldn’t do anything until Sam had been missing for 5 days. That meant it was up to us, a bunch of twenty-somethings who weren’t that good at taking life seriously yet. We were about to have a cruel awakening on how serious life can get…

I don’t remember where we went that night. All of my memories of hanging flyers seem to be in the dark and in the cold. We weren’t organized yet and just went where our guts took us. Some girl showed up who said she was Sam’s girlfriend. I didn’t know Sam had a girlfriend and was disappointed. He and I had been cutting the rug together just before he went for his run into eternity. I do tend to make people dizzy when I dance and at that point I was feeling guilty, not only for whirling around him in circles until he was dizzy but for my carnal plan to sweep into my loft bed. Most of Eric’s friends were too full of themselves; too Ivy League. Sam was different. I liked him. He was cute and shy and I loved the way he leapt over the parking meters all the way down Canal Street. I had a feeling he was showing off for me. And dancing at the party, I showed off for him–it was how I communicated with people back then. Dance.

It’s funny the things we remember thirty years later and the things we don’t… The novel I wrote about Sam’s disappearance provides my own private theory of a serial killer stalking young men on New Year’s Eve. There have been a number of people who have contacted me over the years with theories about Sam’s disappearance; he was abducted by aliens is the most bizarre conclusion. However, a few years ago I got the following:

“The new District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, Jr. has re-opened the case of Etan Patz.  The Patz case is now the lead story in every Media outlet in New York.  Regardless the outcome, I believe that now a window of opportunity has opened for people such as yourself to advocate with the D. A.’s office – and the Media – that the Sam Todd case be re-opened. I do not believe both cases are related but the fact is that two people were last seen at a location 7 blocks from each other, and they left behind friends and loved ones who still care about them who want to know what happened to them….the New York Times would be the best to approach first because they have in their archives on this story the quote from local resident Mark Webber which I find very disturbing: ” . . life goes on.  It’s just as sad that they cut up the Christmas trees.  They’re alive too.”  If the case gets re-opened, Webber needs to be interviewed by law enforcement to explain this quote.

As a woman who confronted your anger and frustration over your missing friend by picking up a pen and writing, albeit fiction, but your record on writing about the Holocaust and Sam gives you traction.  It’s good that something positive came from this Tragedy but now it’s long past time to try again to find out what happened to Sam Todd.  Respectfully,   J. R. de Szigethy, American Mafia Magazine ”

As I write this blog this morning, I wonder if Cyrus Vance has reopened Sam’s case. Has anyone interviewed Pedro Hernandez in regards to Sam Todd? 8885540_448x252


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