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My immediate reaction when I heard that Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn had a new book coming out was to tell my husband to call his editor at NG Book Talk and get A Path Appears in the line-up. A few weeks later we were on the phone with this amazing couple, who are doing for women’s rights and human rights what so many of us long to do but can’t get around to.

It helps that Kristof’s job let’s him write a column of so many of these issues, but this dynamite husband and wife team are a real inspiration to us, as a couple. I mean, do they snipe at each other like we do? (When Simon says I’m being a nag, I say” “I’m not nagging, I’m observing.”)  I would like to think of Simon and I as a power couple–but we’re really a comedic version than a powerful one.

It was my idea that we interview them together, as a husband and wife team (even though we aren’t actually married but we act like we are). Then Simon suggested that I interview Sheryl and he interview Nicholas–that was the idea, but I had to jump in while he was talking with Nick. And Nick, thank you very much, wasn’t surprised that Half the Sky had a few questions of her own;)

If you haven’t read or seen Half the Sky or if you aren’t aware that this is a movement not just a book/documentary please check it out. The message for women’s rights is hugely important, especially as Malala Yousafazi just won the Nobel Peace Prize this past week and proved to the world that Girls Totally Rule!  A Path Appears is no less an inspiration because it brings charity home to real levels, simple levels. We don’t have to be Bill Gates to change the world–each of us change the larger world by taking care of each other in our smaller worlds with small acts of love and kindness, a message Rena Kornreich Gelissen knew well.

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